Francesca De Luca

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Welcome to the website of Francesca De Luca, theatre and screen actress.

Here you can view her showreel, credits, photos and more.

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'I have been working with Francesca both as tutor and director for some time now. She has become a very strong actress and comfortable playing both American and British roles with both great energy and understanding of Character.'

Nathan Osgood. Actor/Director/Tutor


"Francesca has joined "Anna & Modern Day Slavery", a feature film, after I met her online. After I watched her showreel I knew she was going to be the perfect Sonia. Francesca jumped on board without any hesitation. It was such a joy to rehearse with her before the shooting started, develop the character in the process & see how she grew into her role.

On the set Francesca was very professional, taking her time to get into the character & cooperating with all the departments very well. Working with her was real fun."

Magda M. Olchawska - 2012
Writer, Director & Producer of "Anna & Modern Day Slavery"

"Her talent is truly phenomenal"

Elizabeth Uter. Writer/Director.


"A key performance and one that does all the heartstrings, assured and moving"

The Stage Newspaper's review of her performance in Red Lanterns.